New cool song about Stuart from Dave Humphries (Myspace)

You can hear it here:

He gave me the lyrics...

Your heart was bigger than, I ever saw, it was worn upon you're sleeve,
your pride & honour shone like a jewell, innocent you believed,
The eagles flight & pipers lament reverberates in me,
And in the hearts of souls you touched,
Resolute and free.
You sang of justice, pride and so much more and the honesty of toil,
You told of the madness that is war & lives lost on foreign soil,
Every word you wrote was true, not for you throwaway lines,
Every note and beat a cause which gave hope in troubled to times.
CHorus:- So here's a song for Stuart,
To remind us and to warm, our hearts on winter evenings, And keep us from the storm,
If only life was easy and love could kill the pain,
And we could live in Stuarts world with passion once again.
And when I heard the news, the awful news I admit I shed a tear,
And played the music we'd all neglected, guilty but sincere,
When all you'd known was glitter and gold, silver caused you pain,
But record sales aren't a measure of talent, ability or fame.
Feeling all alone in a foreign land desperate and forlorn,
A rejected lover you killed the pain and returned to where you were born,
After the weight of all these years I'm sure that I still hear- Guitars that soar like bagpipes and that MASSIVE,
MASSIVE Barrowlands cheer.
* "Just a note. In the last verse I refer to "A rejected lover" this is not to be taken literally and in fact refers to the music industry and not personal matters. I do not wish to upset anyone who was close to the man."

Also by Joanie Kercheval:
Elusive Dream – by Joanie Kercheval - August 2006

When I'm alone
It’s your voice that I hear calling
But I fear that I am falling
In a dark, elusive dream

When I reach out
I feel your touch so worn and faded
But my thoughts grow cold and jaded
Were you ever here at all?

The quest will go on
While the wildfires are burning
In this hardened shell still yearning
I could search for evermore

The hope lingers on
While my strength is still left standing
For this epic has no ending
Our story still lives on

When I’m alone
It’s your name that I am calling
But I fear that you have fallen
In my dark, elusive dream

When light descends
To a night so bleak and empty
The surrender call is tempting
‘Til your voice sings back to me

Chorus repeats -

When I'm alone
It’s your voice that I hear calling
But I fear that I am falling
In a dark, elusive dream

Poem Update

OK, I won't be posting the text of my poems here (I can hear a line from Monty Python: "And there was much rejoicing!") ;), as I think we've figured out how to enlarge the files at my Flickr site. Here is an older one that includes a reference to Stuart, but is not about him alone. There are actually several factual errors in the poem that need to be corrected (see my own comments at the site itself). In addition, I am embarrassed that I think I misquoted Just a Shadow. I think it should read, "...the struggle of ambition," not "for ambition." Ugh.  Obviously, this work needs to be revised....if I could find the time!

Anyhow, to me Stuart is first and foremost a brilliant poet. I don't know much about music, except to say what I like and don't like. Can't even read musical notation. :0
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Prophet, Interrupted

At the moderator's request, I'll just post these poems here, one at a time. At the end, there's a short explanation of some of the things going on in the poem.

Prophet, Interrupted

In memory of Stuart Adamson

Based on imagery from Ezekiel


The Divine Spirit of the Lord

Raised up mortal Son of Man

Granted him a lyric scroll, and bade

“Prophesy to Joseph Smith’s Zion Land


He was granted the seer’s eagle eye

The spirit-soul of Man firstborn

Compassion fierce as Pamplona’s bulls

And with lion’s regality was adorned


At times he spoke forth consolation

At others: lamentation, wailing, and woe

Yet even the latter were honeyed sounds

To those through whom his runes flow


Obedient, in song he warned us,

And in return was promised life

Yet he claimed back his due reward

At the mercy of his own soul’s strife


Judah’s czar claimed the temples’ destruction

Came at the hands of Babylon’s King

O, for the Son of Man to resurrect us

From this Valley of Deception’s Sting!


Prophet! In the wake of Zion’s fall

You were to be freed from brutal silence

But instead you swallowed history’s carnage

Into yourself in a billow of violence


Lamentation, wailing, and woe:

A bitter inheritance of the orphaned waif

Prophet! Son of Man! From Wonderland

Beseech for us God’s healing grace!

I'm finding myself really wishing Stuart was still writing and singing to help make sense of 9/11 and its aftermath. Much of the content here is taken from the Old Testament book of Ezekiel (see esp. ch 1-3, 24 [v.25-27], 33 [v.21-22], and 37. God refers to the prophet Ezekiel as "Son of Man," which is also the literal meaning of Stuart's last name, Adamson. A few images are taken from Big Country's work (references to the Seer and Wonderland). The whole idea of the USA as Zion or Judah is taken from the Mormon belief (if I am not mistaken) that Zion refers not to Israel, but to the USA.
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Now that we are doing poetry.....

My pal Jennifer Johnson wrote this in 2000, you can view this at

To the other poet- great work!

The legend lives on, from the Highlands on down,
For the band that they once called Big Country.
The band, it is said, never gave up for dead
Though the troubles were many and sundry.

With a fine guitar crew and a singer named Stu
They were set for success big and pearly.
But a manager named Grant had a big ugly rant
And a singer named Stuart left early.

The band was the pride of the loud guitar side
"An answer to keyboards," they reasoned.
As the 80s bands go, it was better than most
With a bassist and drummer well seasoned.

"Fields of Fire" was a hit, though Alice Cooper split,
When the band only just had their shoes on.
But the USA tour was a grand adventure
Even Stuart got blown up in Tucson!

"Steeltown," they say, it got too much airplay
But it hit Number One and it stayed there.
Soon as they got back, did a movie soundtrack
And the band Hall and Oates, it said "Hey there!"

But Stuart freaked out, got drunk, had a pout
(The rumors are many, and seedy.)
Instead of the push, they got stuck with Kate Bush,
And the manager's eyes, they grew beady.

As the Greatest Hits spun, the old deal came undone
And the label said, "Too rough to sell ya."
The singer's wife split, took the bar and the kids,
And the drummer said, "Been good to know ya."

The manager wired that he was sick and tired,
"And those unruly fans need a sentry!"
And somewhere in Nashville a new sound was born
From the wreck of the band called Big Country.

Steely Dan rolls, Madonna still sings
In the rooms of her Malibu mansion.
Duran Duran steams with Medazzaland dreams
Alice Cooper made Marilyn Manson.

Brian Setzer, the foe, on a tin roof will go
Annie Lennox is diva pretender.
And the bagpipes still blow as the Scotsmen all know
And the fans of the 80s remember.

In a dusty old chat room they know the right words
To "The Sailor," "Chance," "Kansas" and "Steeltown."
The Blue Heeler boys make that Great Unknown noise
Where the Wild Blue Yonder broke speed sound.

The legend lives on from the Highlands on down
Of a band that they once called Big Country.
The band, it is said, isn't legally dead
But a singer named Stuart left early.

Me, again

Hey All... just wanted to share another couple poems, posted here. The two new ones (Prophet, Interrupted and Indictment of a Profession) should be the first ones, I think. Be sure to read the commentary I put under them to help make sense of them. Thanks for letting me share!
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For some reason a smiley face showed up as my emoticon on the post I just made to the community. Definitely NOT the one I chose, given the topic of the post. Not sure what happened....

A first post...

Hey All-

I just joined this group recently and thought I'd post something. Over the last couple of days, I was moved to write what is probably a pretty mediocre poem in memory of Stuart Adamson and Marina Tsvetaeva (a Russian poet who also killed herself). You can find it here; the file can be enlarged via one of the icons at the top of it. The work of both of them has been so important to me: Stuart's since the early 1980s, Marina's over the last year or so. In some ways, I feel like I am just beginning to mourn Stuart's death, as I was living abroad when it happened and didn't really find out until a couple of years ago. Tried not to think too much about it at that point, but denial never works for long...

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